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oilsLet me start by saying I am not a fanatic bible thumping oiler. I’m not writing this blog to push anything on anyone. I just want to share how I’m using essential oils in conjunction with my hypnosis practice, with lots of positive results.

My original intention for purchasing a diffuser and a bunch of oils was to make my house and office smell nice. The more I started to learn about the specific use each oil had and the more I researched about the healing properties the oils hold, the more excited I became. Now I use the oils every day, in both my home and healing center. The oils I purchase are from Young Living. After doing my own research on various companies I chose Young Living because the quality of their oils is superior than others I have purchased in the past. I found it interesting to learn that many essential oil companies either dilute the oils with other products or bottle the oils after the second or third distilling which renders the quality of the oils much weaker and not as effective. Take lavender for example. Pure 100% lavender is fabulous for treating burns and I always have a bottle in my kitchen. However, if you buy lavender that says it’s pure but has an additive in it, you could possibly make the burn worse. So my rule of thumb with anything I buy is ‘pay a bit more and get the best.’

I use essential oils in my hypnosis practice as another tool in the tool box. Before I see a client I’ll start diffusing an oil that will help alleviate the issue they are working on. I have a client who suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Before she comes in I make sure I have a combo of lemon and peppermint diffusing in the air. Both of these oils are great for lethargy and energy loss and helps boost mental clarity. Another client has so much on her agenda that she’s always feeling scattered and has a hard time winding down. I’ll have an essential oil blend called Gathering in the diffuser when she arrives. Gathering combines galbanum, frankincense and sandalwood oils. Together they help to collect emotional and spiritual energy, helping to enhance the state of wholeness and unity. Before we start the session I dab Stress Away on her wrists and temples to assist in the relaxation process. Then I proceed with the hypnosis, helping her go to the source of when these hectic patterns of behavior were first imprinted into her subconscious mind.

I love creating an environment and holding the space for healing and positive change to occur. When people see me for spiritual guidance and deeper emotional issues I’ll often include in the session a powerful healing technique called Christ Force Healing. This involves placing my hands on the soles of their feet to help channel this powerful Universal Energy through their body. I first anoint the bottoms of their feet with frankincense oil. This is an ancient oil that helps rid anxiety, sadness and despair and is useful for visualizing and improving one’s spiritual connection and centering. I received an email from one of my clients after she received this healing and she said, “Since that session with you, a whole layer of my depression has lifted, and I don’t believe it will return.” This was four months ago and I’m happy to say she continues to be well. Please note, that as a hypnotist and oil user, I don’t treat, diagnose or cure. I simply use the oils as an aide as I guide people into their subconscious mind for self-discovery and inner change. This is called Transformational Healing.

My desire is to help people release anything that blocks them from living a life of health, wealth and abundance. I will use whatever tools I have to assist them in that process.
If you are interested in learning more about the oils I use, I invite you to look at my web site, the link is below. I have several oils on the front page I recommend and you can see the full inventory via my page. And that’s about as pushy as I’ll get! If you have any questions please contact me!



Love & Blessings to all who wander by to read this post!


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As we move into this Holiday Season, I invite you to take a moment and reflect on everything you are truly thankful for in life. Too often days are spent with unconscious complaining about the smallest things; no place to park, being stuck in traffic or waiting too long in the check-out line at the grocery store. But when you think about it, these are the complaints of a very prosperous nation. Are these really problems? I don’t believe so. Annoyances at most, but not real problems.

I was blessed to spend Thanksgiving day with a friend who hosted a dinner for a group of men recently paroled from prison. For several, this was their first ‘free’ Thanksgiving in more than 21 years. These individuals became certified alcohol drug counselors while incarcerated who are now counselors at a recovery treatment program in the Bay Area. As we went around the table saying what we were thankful for, I was humbled by their positive attitude and true gratitude for life. It confirmed for me, once more, that I really have no problems in my life. Challenges, yes. Annoyances, of course. But problems? Not at all! What about you?

When you give thanks for all the positive things in your life, you are energizing your life with positive energy. I remember saying this on a live, call-in radio show I used to host many years ago. A man called-in saying he liked what I said but he really had nothing positive to focus on. He lost his family in a divorce, he lost his job in the dot-com-bomb and was living in his car, homeless.

I simply pointed out the obvious things: He had ears with which to listen to the radio show, he had a mouth to speak his opinion, his body was healthy and he had a car to sleep in, not to mention whatever phone he was using to call the show. Start where you are, I told him and the ripples would begin to expand. He actually started to laugh. He had a change in perspective.

In order to live the abundant lifestyle it’s important to bless and accept exactly where you are in the moment, not where you want to be. Once you allow yourself to be happy where you’re at, you’ll recognize you don’t have to stay there and changes will begin to take place.

Each day, give thanks for a minimum of five things in your life. I’d prefer you count off ten or twenty things each day, but we’ll start with small steps. Do this daily and your energy will increase, you’ll start thinking happier thoughts and you’ll start feeling better. Remember, where you put your attention, energy follows. Put your attention on the good and more good will be added to you.

Now here’s a tease for my next post as we move into the exercises for manifesting your goals and dreams: Take time each day to give thanks for the things you want that haven’t manifested in your life yet. Give thanks as if you already have them!

Till next time, peace and blessings to all who wander by to read this post!

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Largest open space in Reading.

I was working with a client with my Abundant Living Program™. On our first day together I asked her what she wanted. “World peace” she replied. “OK”, I said, “but I don’t think you’ll get that in the time we have together, can you think of something else?” She thought for a bit then said “I’m always praying to keep my children and grandchildren safe and healthy.” “Well, that’s nice too and I’m sure your kids appreciate your prayers, but what is that YOU want for yourself?” She was stumped. And then she started to cry. Then she told me that she’s never been able to ask for anything personal and when she prays, it’s always for other people.

I asked her what she felt emotionally when she thought of praying for herself. Guilty.

I asked her what she felt emotionally when she wanted to manifest something for herself. Guilty and unworthy. Her truth – she’s never believed it was okay to want something just for her. And that’s why she was working with me, to break the cycle of lack and limitation so she could manifest abundance in her life.

Wanting something and believing you can have something are two different things. I discovered this when I first started my journey with manifestation and the Mind Sciences. I was in a class learning how to ‘mock-up’ or manifest things in life. The techniques and concepts were simple and made perfect sense to me. I was excited that soon I’d have all the things I wanted to help make my life more comfortable. I started with easy things like a free cup of coffee. Lo and behold, a few days after practicing the exercise, I was invited out for a cup of coffee. I knew I was on to something now!

At the time my only mode of transportation was a ten-speed bike. The rainy season was drawing near so I sat down one day and mocked-up a new car. I was seeing the car, imagining I was driving the car, looking forward to receiving my new car. I just wasn’t paying attention to the small voice inside of me saying ‘no way’ or the feeling of doubt I had about this car. What could go wrong? I was applying the information exactly as I had been taught.

The next time class met everyone was sharing their experiences. A student was all excited because she had been given a new car. A car much nicer than the one she already had. A car that was very similar to the car I had mocked-up for myself. I didn’t get a car, but she did. I think I actually cried a little and blurted out ‘you got my car and you don’t even need one!’ Our teacher used my experience as the object lesson for class that night.

I discovered my subconscious mind was acting on a deep rooted belief system of lack, limitation and no permission to increase or bring new things into my life. Not only did I feel guilty if I asked for something for myself, I didn’t believe I could have things that easily. I had to work hard for whatever I received.

This was a two-fold imprint in my subconscious mind. One aspect was the thoughts and feelings I was carrying deep within me that stemmed from my childhood and the conversations I heard my parents talking/fighting about over money. Money doesn’t grow on trees, only certain people get ahead in life…. you get the idea.

The other aspect was based in religion. It wasn’t spiritual to want things. Don’t be greedy. Don’t be selfish. Always think of the other person first. To be spiritual meant you shouldn’t have money or nice things. Has anyone reading this post ever experienced something similar?

What about you? Do you have a difficult time creating a picture for what you want? Do you feel guilty if you ask for something or pray for yourself? Do you say you want certain things but deep down don’t believe you can have them? This can be anything; health, finances, relationships, or a successful business.

I’ll be creating a series of posts that address these issues. The Autumn season is the perfect time of year to release blocks and old patterns of belief in lack, limitation and ‘non-havingness’. I’ll include simple exercises you can do to help clear out your subconscious mind so you can manifest more abundant living.

You can start now. Write down a list of things you want to bring into your life. What is it that you want? And how do you feel about wanting?

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Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA) – are you one of them? I am.

• Are you afraid to rock the boat or upset people?

• Do you work overtime making sure everything is ok and everyone is happy?

• Do you care more about what people think of you and less about what is best for you?

• Does it bother you if someone doesn’t like you?

• Is it easy for people to control you – even if you think you are just being easy to get along with?

• Do you work hard and still think you never do enough?

• Do you worry a lot?

• Is there a nervous knot in your stomach more often than not?

These are not official ACOA questions, though you can find them on the internet. These are questions based on my own experiences in life. I grew up in an alcoholic family. I had all the classic text book symptoms of being an ACOA, I just didn’t know it. And even after many years of being involved in a metaphysically based spiritual teaching that involved lots of inner work, growth and change – I discovered there were still deep psychic soul wounds in need of releasing and healing. Hypnosis is the step that has allowed me to access these deep pockets of old emotional pain and patterns of behavior I had developed as a child.

The subconscious mind is the store house of memory for all our life experiences, both positive and negative. Permanent memory, habits and patterns are all attributes of the subconscious. And emotions. Our emotions are stored in the subconscious mind. And they never go away unless we take the time to clean them out. This is important to understand if you are on a path of healing as an ACOA.

When I was in my twenties I was living in a house in Berkeley with several other people. One Saturday morning in summer I woke up and was listening to the sounds in the house. I heard one of my housemates crack open a metal ice cube tray on the kitchen sink. Before I knew what happened my body was locked in a fetal position, my stomach was clenched and I couldn’t breathe. Part of me was observing as if from the other side of the room and carrying on a conversation that went something like: Well this is interesting, how did we get here? Do you plan to stay like this long because I really want to go hiking.

At some point my room mate, who was practicing being a therapist, came in and saw me all balled up. I don’t recall exactly what she said but somehow I was able to figure out that the sound of the ice cube tray cracking on the kitchen sink triggered a memory buried deep in my subconscious mind. I remembered that if we woke up on a Saturday morning to the sound of the ice tray being cracked open by dad we knew it would be a week-end from hell because he was starting to drink early. That sound bite with all the emotions of fear, worry and dread packed inside had been in my subconscious mind for years and years. That is just one example.

Think about all the times your alcoholic parent was drunk. Now think about the feelings you were experiencing. Fear: Was there going to be another fight or lots of yelling? Were neighbors going to hear? Is mom going to get beat up again? Sadness: Why is mom crying all the time? How can I fix this? Guilt: This is my fault. I said something and now everyone is pissed at me because the drinking and fighting began. Worry: Are they going to show up drunk in public? Will we go on the vacation or is it going to get canceled… again? Shame: I can’t let anyone know about this. What if my friends find out my dad has a drinking problem? Are the neighbors going to ask me again why my parents didn’t show up for the neighborhood get together?

You get the idea. So all these feelings have been imprinted in the subconscious mind. They helped to create the patterns of behavior we adopt as a child living in an alcoholic home. I was the loud obnoxious kid in school. Nothing bothered me. I was the tough one. I was the one getting sent to the Principles office from kindergarten all the way through junior high. I lied. About everything. Because the truth was far more scary. And I was scared. All the time. But nobody ever knew.

I have been blessed to have had a teacher/mentor who worked with me in hypnosis. He helped me access these pockets of emotional wounds and showed me how to clear them out. I was able to see how the qualities of being an ACOA had carried into my adult life and was able to use hypnosis to release, rise above and become the individual I wanted to be.

And that is my message to all of you – adult children of alcoholics. You can go into your subconscious mind to uncover and release those old pockets of emotions that you still carry today. You can say hello to and acknowledge the inner child of you who never really grew up, who is stuck in the past still waiting for the next disaster to hit. You can heal, which simply means to create a positive change, the child in you that acts out in your adult life today. You can do this. You owe it to yourself.

Does being healed mean you never have issues again? Of course not! But your perspective will change about yourself and the world around you. I am still growing, learning and unfolding – thank God! Soon I will be writing about how I allowed myself to revert back to old ACOA tendencies in a 10 year business relationship. Now THAT’S a funny story!

Love & Blessings to all who wander by and read this!

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