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This is a question I’m asked by my students, potential clients and all the groups I work with for smoking cessation. This is an area in which many hypnotists will disagree with me and that’s ok!

I personally never say “one time guarantee success” with any of my smoking cessation clients. Let me tell you why!

Everyone is different. Everyone experiences hypnosis and the taking in of suggestions and releasing old patterns differently. Sometimes it takes more than one session to insure those new seed ideas for change are firmly rooted in the subconscious mind.

With that said, I also know that every time an idea is accepted into the subconscious mind – it has to come true! That’s a scientific fact about hypnosis. Here’s a picture to explain what I mean. When a seed is planted into the earth, it doesn’t always germinate and sprout right away. Sometimes it takes a little longer for those roots to break out of the hull and reach into the earth and sometimes a bit longer before we see the plant sprout, flourish and grow. But we do know that with proper watering etc., the plant will grow.

How often do you see a farmer digging up the seeds to his crops to check if they are growing? That’s silly! The farmer acts on faith that the scientific principles of farming and planting will work.

This is what I tell my clients. Why? Because if they leave my office or group session and don’t smoke for a week, but then on the 8th day they light up – I don’t want them to think they failed or that the hypnosis didn’t work! There’s no such thing as failure in my world!

I tell them that most likely they will be a permanent non-smoker when they leave, definitely will be smoking much less and explain the fact of hypnosis stated above. If they feel they have a need to come back for some positive reinforcements – so be it. Do they come back? Most do not. The only way I know they are still non-smokers years later is by the people they keep sending to me to quit smoking!

I’ve mentioned before my mom was a smoker. She tried quitting many times. She wore the patch – while she smoked. She chewed the nicotine gum – while she smoked. She listened to quit smoking recordings – while she smoked. Then came the days when she would turn off her oxygen mask – so she could smoke.

She felt like a failure. And yes, I had given her the name of a hypnotist in a town close to where she lived. What happened? After a few days she started smoking again and believed hypnosis didn’t work. Why? Because the hypnotist advertised 99% success rate and a one time guarantee to quit smoking.

That’s when my passion to educate as many people as I can about the facts of hypnosis started. I don’t want people being robbed of an experience. Smokers need to be encouraged. They already feel bad about smoking. They already know the health risks, money wasted etc.

A few months ago I was doing a follow-up group session. Almost everyone had quit smoking for three weeks, all but one woman. She was trashing herself because she was still smoking. I asked how much she used to smoke before the class. Two packs a day. I asked how many cigarettes she was smoking now. Three. Three! I told her that was a HUGE success! From two packs a day to just three cigarettes a day was fantastic. And that with the reinforcement she’d be receiving this evening she will be set free from those final three. Guess what? She’s been set free!

So often we tend to down play our successes. If it isn’t humongous it must not be important. Not true! Every small accomplishment is a step towards permanent success. What steps have you taken today?

I welcome your views on this topic! Thanks for reading!

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